Redwood Rain

Redwood Rain is the cumulative musical efforts of Phil Holub and Amanda Adams. Drawing from a wide range of styles and influences, they seamlessly go from playing three hour cover gigs in bustling bars to intimate original music shows and private events. With a focus on harmonies that are as clear as dew drops and an upbeat jazz influence, they will be your newest favorite duo.


Amanda Adams is a singer/songwriter originally from Rhode Island. Her thoughtful and introspective lyricism is brought to life by a powerful and authentic voice as well as engaging songwriting.


Phil Holub is a Berklee College of Music grad, originally from Berkeley, California. He contributes a quirky and upbeat attitude to the music, as well as a strong jazz influence and exceptional guitar work.


Together as Redwood Rain, Phil and Amanda sound like a cross between Norah Jones and Simon and Garfunkel. Any fan of nuanced songwriting, complex vocal harmonies and subtly impressive guitar playing will find something to enjoy.

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